Public Outreach

Helping Friends and Families of Alcoholics

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Below are new tools for attracting the digital generation to Al-Anon Family Groups. These are Slogans and Social Media bookmarks and a half-sheet of Where To Find Al-Anon/Alateen.
Bookmarks– Slogans
Professionals need to know we are a trusted community health resource by visiting our websites, listening to our public service announcements and podcasts, and by reading our Conference Approved Literature. Along with local meeting schedules, place these inside Al-Anon Faces Alcoholism andForums to share with pastors, priests, rabbis, chaplains, doctors, dentists, nurses, x-ray waiting rooms, mammography waiting rooms, hospital information desks, school counselors, school nurses, and community health clinics. Where do you go?
Our primary spiritual aim is to help friends and families of those who drink too much. Please use and lose these all over your communities: bulletin boards, libraries, laundries, car repair shops, car dealerships, tire centers, health fairs, PTA meetings, civic meetings, grocery stores, convenience stores, jail visiting areas, medical offices…wherever people pause.
These can be edited and personalized for your district or group.
Put some in your purse, put some in your car, be alert in all areas of your life to share these with others. Let it begin with me when anyone, anywhere reaches out for help, let the hand of Al-Anon and Alateen always be there. and-Let It Begin with Me.

Newspaper Outreach

Please see the links below for press releases you can share with small, medium or large newspapers in your area.

AFG Welcomes Loved Ones to Local Meetings_4_21_15

Millions Impacted By Alcoholism_4_14_15 (2)

What You Can Do When Someone Drinks Too Much_4_28_15

Treatment Outreach Resource Project

Please see the files below to assist in any treatment center outreach projects you or your group may participate in.

Treatment Facilities Outreach Project





Public Library Project

Public Outreach Literature Order Form

TX West PSA Packet– who has been playing our PSA’s as of December 31, 2014

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Are your local TV and Radio stations playing Al-Anon PSA’s? Check the files linked below for information on how to contact these stations to thank them for playing our PSA’s, request that they begin playing them, and obtain a commitment to play them. Contact Kay R. for more information.

The success of Al-Anon TV PSAs is largely due to the Al-Anon members who thanked stations for playing the PSAs and who asked other stations to start playing them. Please review How to Contact Media in P90 The Best of Public Outreach.





Click here to see current data on Radio and TV airplays.

Additional Helpful Public Outreach Links

QR Codes for adding to publications

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English QR code sizes

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Spanish QR code sizes

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QR Codes for Texas Website

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 English TX Site QR Code

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 Spanish TX Site QR Code

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Additional Resources:

Texas West Resource Library

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