Al-anon Alateen information services of Greater Fort Worth

3-1-15 Meeting Minutes


Northeast Group

Meeting opened with the serenity prayer at 2:05PM


Trish M. read the 12 concepts of service


Roll Call / Introductions:

Nancy B, Alison G, Ramona W, Don K, Steve C, Pat T, Brant H, Linda P, Kay M, Gloria J, Marcia H, Lisa L, Judy M, Molly S


Secretary / Newsletter

Marcia read minutes from January 2015


Don motioned, Linda seconded, accepted minutes as read


Liaison Report- Lisa L.

  • Request came in after last meeting to contribute AIS funds to pay $150 for table at NCAAD
  • Announcing ATAAC and Public Outreach at Anchor Group
  • Met with Barry and Cindy (Arlington AFG Alateen sponsors) to discuss process of Alateen sponsorship and how to promote alateen in our area.
  • Discussed reviving program to boost alateen certification district-wide to increase our availability to assist alateens (not necessarily become alateen sponsors)
  • AWSC Conference Call- spoke with Chris Clark, Cindy K, Kay R DR’s for each etc.
  • Attend district meetings, ATAAC, volunteered to help with speakers for celebration
  • Forwarded email from Chris C to provide input on concepts
  • Don made a motion that we approve the $150 NCADD contribution coming from our Public Outreach for the Reserve fund. Judy Seconded. All in favor.
  • Ramona- do we anticipate we’ll be asked about this again, or next year? May want to consider adding this into our yearly budget if we can plan for it next year.


Treasurer Report- Gloria Jackson

Started with 8,182.65 expenses were more than usual, but this will balance out next month.

Ended with 7,946.76

Available balance- 4626.93


Ramona motioned to accept, Don seconded, accepted


Alateen Coordinator

  • Steve C- brought a few copies of the safety and behavior requirements to discuss how to become an Alateen sponsor. Criminal background check available as well- steve can email or
  • 3 groups, 5 sponsors
  • lost 2 sponsors recently- could use more help
  • Arlington group and Burleson Group are thriving. Glass house has struggled but back up to 6 or 7 now.  Glass House meeting at 6:30pm now instead of 8:00pm, seems to work better.
  • Lisa- asked about Wings of Serenity group as well
  • 817-247-0919


Telephone Coordinator Report


  • Last report- 3 vacancies for cycle 3 (started today)
  • 2 filled, only 1 remaining Thursday 6-11p
  • Cycle 3- March, June, Sept, December
  • Judy will take it, Lisa will need to adjust her commitment because of a changed work schedule
  • If someone is not available, send name and phone number of sub to Nancy and she’ll get the system changed to forward to the correct volunteer.
  • Nancy finished updating speaker lists and distributed to GRs
  • Permission from Kay, Don, Molly, Steve, Linda to include contact information


Webpage Coordinator Report

No report- just received information from Marcia but they’ll be meeting soon


DR 8 Report- Molly

District 8 met after FWAIS meeting in January and again February 8th to plan bday celebration. Held April 25th at Arborlawn Methodist Church- 2-4pm. Star made flyer and sent to all GR’s. February meeting, Robert R resigned as DR, Molly stepped up since she was Alternate. Mary B from Weatherford is now Alternate DR. Quick District 8 meeting following this one.


DR 14 Report- Kay

ATAAC- Feb 20-21, District 14 well presented

Food was collected and donations filled back of Kay’s van

9 baskets for raffle, and many volunteers worked as translators, literature sales, meeting leads and attendance, hospitality

500 attendees at conference

Right step meetings- groups in Dist 14 signed up through May

Sent $50 to support NCADD, and $150 to Que Empiece (Spanish group) to purchase literature for their group since they changed their location

Next district meeting March 8th in Keller to rotate meeting intentionally to see other groups and where they meet


Old Business

create group/job-specific email addresses please

If you’re currently serving as an AIS officer, review guidelines at

Provide updates as needed for position so we can have good documentation


New Business


Don Kennedy made the motion that we accept Linda Pendergrass as our new treasurer since Gloria Jackson’s term has ended. Pat seconded. All GR’s voted- all approved.


Alateen certification guidelines- consider sharing this with your group or volunteering yourself.


Announcement- Johnny J’s grandson’s passing. Please keep him in your prayers.


Ramona motioned we adjourn, Judy seconded.

Meeting dismissed at 2:55pm

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