AWSC Meeting – January 30, 2021 – 9:00am to 1:00pm

ETAAA Area Zoom guidelines:
✔️ English (PDF)
✔️ Spanish (PDF)

Zoom details:
Meeting ID: 878 0004 2471
Passcode: 5F1FkW

Proposed Agenda
✔️ English (PDF)

Reference Documents Package
✔️ English with select Spanish items (PDF)

A consent agenda includes all reports which will be posted below for pre-read in advance of the meeting. The consent agenda includes all of these items. The Chair asks for acceptance of the consent agenda and then business will continue. If someone has a question about a report or minutes, the report/minutes will be pulled, addressed separately, and voted on, if necessary.

January 30, 2021 Agenda With Reference Documents

Chairperson – Paula H.  Open with the Serenity Prayer/Chair Sharing

Welcome and Introductions – Welcome Panel 61; Reading of The Twelve Traditions, pp. 15-16 2018-2021 Al-Anon/Alateen Service Manual (Vol. 2); The Twelve Concepts of Service and General Warranties of the Conference, pp. 17-18 2018-2021 Al-Anon/Alateen Service Manual (Vol. 2); AWSC Primary Function 2018-2021 Al-Anon/Alateen Service Manual (Vol. 2), p. 155.

Secretary – Jennifer S.  Roll Call; Voting – .667 x ___ = 2/3    .51 x ___ = majority
Acceptance of Minutes from November 6, 2020 AWSC Meeting – Virtual
English (PDF) | Spanish (PDF)

Delegate’s Report* English | Spanish (PDF) – Mattie T.

Alternate Delegate’s Report* (PDF) – Lynn S.

Treasurer’s Report (PDF) – Myrthala C.

Reports (2 minutes)

  1. Spring 2021 Assembly (PDF) – (D9/D10 Support) – DebiSu Y. Chairperson
  2. Fall 2021 Assembly (PDF) – (D12/D13 Support) – Lynn S. Chairperson
  3. P.O.S.S.E. (PDF) – Lynn S.
    P.O.S.S.E. March, 2021 Registration Flyer (PDF)

Unfinished Business/Other

  1. Approve 2021/2025 Assembly/AWSC Rotation Schedule
  2. Area Coordinator Vacancies – Public Outreach and Alateen
    Job Descriptions and Resumes
    Alateen Coordinator
    Public Outreach Coordinator
    Public Outreach Resume – Pam J
  3. Assembly Mentor – 3 year trial period ends April, 2021
  4. Audit Committee – Appointment by Chairperson
  5. Cloud Based Storage – Move to Task Force?
    See September 12 Meeting Minutes for more information.
  6. KBDM Spanish Translation – Move to Task Force?
    Spanish Translation KBDM Questions in English and Spanish (PDF)
    Spanish Translation KBDM Responses District 6 English (PDF) | Spanish (PDF)
    Spanish Translation KBDM Responses District 3 English (PDF) | Spanish (PDF)
  7. Area Meeting List Publishing Policy – Move to Task Force?
    See November 6, 2020 AWSC Meeting Minutes for more information
  8. Assembly Host Committee Guidelines Review – Finalize?
    (Also referenced in the November 6, 2020 Meeting Minutes)
  9. Policies and Procedures Handbook – Move to Task Force?

New Business

  1. Use of Website for AWSC/Assembly – Natanya A.
  2. Use of Consent Agenda for May, 2021 Spring Assembly
  3. Unifying Large/Rural Geographical Districts – Kay C.
  4. AWSC/Area Inventory

Reports – Area Coordinators, DRs, AIS, Other – Posted Below for Review

Deadline for submissions to The Beacon – Cyndie C. _____________________

Adjourn with the Al-Anon/Alateen Declaration

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